What to Expect in Barre Class

Ever since the Black Swan came out, gyms all across the nation have been adding ballet based classes to their schedules.  Taking barre class is a great way to tone our calves and improve our posture.

Typically barre is yoga based with the added use of weights, a ballet barre, and squeeze balls.  Typically the class will start and end with stretching.  Classes will include lots of leg work done with toes pointed out in “first position” and while maintaining “high releve“.  Standing on the toes (also known as high releve) protects the knees as the calves and quads are strengthened.  Usually the instructors aim to break down the muscle holding postures for an extended amount of time with little to no movement.  After the muscle is broken down, they will implement a counter stretch so the muscle grows back longer and leaner.

A barre class can compliment most workout routines, and now that you know what to expect, I definitely suggest signing up for a class or two.  Your soon-to-be willowy calves will thank you.

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Image Courtesy of: Fitness360.net

Personally, barre is one of my favorite classes at the gym.  It’s a challenging total body workout.  I’m usually sore afterwards, but I consider that a good thing.  I usually find that I do a little bit better in class if I warm up beforehand with some cardio.  Getting my blood warmed up and circulating makes me more flexible and focused.

Have you ever taken a barre class?  Would you consider trying one?

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