FitBit One Review

Fitbit is a San Fransisco based health technology company. I recently obtained a Fitbit One and I’m in love. The nifty little device fits easily on clothes and comes with a wrist strap that it’s users can wear at night. It measures:

  • Activity level
  • Steps taken
  • Stairs climbed
  • Distance traveled
  • Calories burned
  • Sleep quality

In addition, the app lets you know how you’re doing with calorie intake throughout the day so you know when you’ve eaten too little or too much (in which case it tells you how many more calories you have to burn).

The device syncs wirelessly to the iPhone 4S or later and the iPad 2 or later. The device holds a charge pretty well. I’ve had mine for almost two weeks now and I’ve only charged it once. I use it constantly.





The only downside is the device is not waterproof. Keep careful track of it when changing clothes (so you don’t accidentally wash it).