Organic Foods are Better for You

We should always try to eat organic whenever we can.  There are a lot of reasons to choose organic food over food that has been treated with pesticides and chemicals.  Besides the fact that by choosing organic you’ll be choosing to live without those added chemicals in your body.

Organic food can be more expensive, and its often harder to find, but I think its totally worth it.


  • Contain fewer chemicals than non-organic food
  • Are better for the environment
  • Are better for our bodies
  • Contain a higher concentration of nutrients
  • Are grown without the use of genetic modification
  • Are natural and easier to digest

Although grocery stores are getting larger organic sections, the produce often has to travel thousands of miles to the store.  Local farmer’s markets and CSAs are a great place to get local organic food all year round.

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What do you think?  Will you start trying to pick more organic fruits, vegetables, and meats next time you’re shopping?

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