Progress Report- 4/9/2013

First let me say that when I weighed myself this morning I wanted to cry. I couldn’t believe I gained a whole two pounds in one week. There were of course times when I ate what I shouldn’t have, but I’ve been in the gym so much that of course I rationalized it and ate those donuts/ that jack in the box/ etc. But let’s get to the stats, because we all know, that the scale isn’t everything.

Waist: 24.75″
Thigh: 20.5″
Butt: 37.5″
Chest: 33.5″
Weight: 123 lbs.
BMI: 19.3


Last week I weighed only 121 pounds. The lowest I should weigh is 118 for a BMI of 18.5. But really weight has nothing to do with it as I’m quickly discovering for myself. My boobs have grown, thank goodness, while my waist and thighs have shrunk. My butt is about half an inch bigger which I’m not to excited about, but the Barre class I’m taking at the gym should blast that back into shape.

If you want, feel free to compare this weeks stats to last weeks stats. How do you think I’m doing? Do you get hung up by the number on the scale too?

Also, I’m going to start putting my progress reports out on Monday’s because it syncs better with my FitBit. Also, I’ll start scheduling my posts so there is at least one every day instead of having seven or eight in the beginning of the week and nothing the rest of the week.

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