Sore or Sorry

Motivation can be one of the most difficult elements of creating a healthy lifestyle, yet is also the most essential. Without motivation we find ourselves quitting over and over again.

Next time you feel like not getting started think on this…

  • How good is it going to feel when you step on the scale and have made progress?
  • How great is that natural endorphin high we get after working out?
  • If we can’t commit to an entire workout, why not commit to five minutes or a walk around the block? It’s better than nothing, right?

Burn out is a real thing and its dangerous to our development as athletes.  To avoid burn out, make sure that you start slow.  Leo Babouta, over on Zen Habits, has some really good posts on developing new habits.

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Do you have a hard time making it to the gym?  What are some of the ways you stay motivated?


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