Squat Challenge

Today is April 1st.  The first day in a new month.  A chance to start over fresh.  You have a chance to kick April’s @$$.  Are you going to take it?  There’s no need to make resolution’s only once a year.  I make them every month.  Mrs. Jonie issued a squat challenge to all of her followers.  I’ve accepted the challenge and now I want to extend it to you.

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Can you imagine doing three hundred squats in one day?!  By the end of April, if you follow through with this squat challenge, you’ll have an awesome booty no matter where you start from.  That’s a total of 4000 squats if you choose to do 300 squats the last day.  And why wouldn’t you?

By May 1st you’ll have people saying “oh my quad, your butt looks awesome.”  That’s just in time for summer.  🙂

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So what do you say?  Do you accept my challenge?  If so, leave a comment and we can do this together.  I’ll be updating frequently with lots of exercise and eating tips so we can love our body’s more than ever this summer.

Bisou, Bisou!

Don’t know how to do a squat?  Check out my post on the proper squat form.