Drop It Like a Squat

April is our Squat Challenge month, so I thought I’d do a little tutorial/brush-up course on how to do a squat.

1.  Start feet shoulder width apart, hands at your sides, keep your spine in a neutral position, head up, with eyes open and looking forward.

squat, exercise, easy, feet shoulder width apart, body weight, butt, thighs2.  Lower your butt until your knees your legs form a ninety degree angle.  Keep your knees over your toes, don’t let them travel beyond them.  Keep your back straight, do not lean forward.  Raise your arms straight in front of you.

squat, challenge, position, posture, body, exercise, form, model, fitness

3.  You can either choose to hold it in the down position for a certain time period (I suggest 30 seconds to start with), or you can return to standing to complete one repetition.

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